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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is an interdisciplinary branch which includes almost all areas of dentistry, and it is brought almost to perfection. Although it is based on scientific principles, it also includes characteristics of artistic disciplines.

Aesthetic dentistry is an interdisciplinary branch which includes almost all areas of dentistry, and it is brought almost to perfection. Although it is based on scientific principles, it also includes characteristics of artistic disciplines.

Estetska dentalna medicina | Dentalna implantologija i estetika Koran

Present trends in dentistry include not only cleaning cavities, closing cavities or replacing tooth with implants, but the complete reconstruction of the lost dental tissue in aesthetic and functional terms.

Aesthetic dentistry in their bases is achieving a beautiful smile, a smile is an important part of the impression that we leave on others, especially when first meeting. A smile says a lot about us as people; who we are and the lifestyle we live. Healthy and beautiful teeth give us greater self-confidence and improve our mood and the satisfaction of ourselves.

Why choose Dental Studio Koran?

Aesthetic dental medicine is improving and thanks to our many years of experience and the fast technological progress of dental methods and material, we can ensure painless and top-quality aesthetic solutions and give you a smile you have always wanted. Each of our procedures and treatments are adapted to your needs and expectations so we can come to excellent results in accordance with the best dental practices.

Estetska dentalna medicina | Dentalna implantologija i estetika Koran

Most patients when they hear of aesthetic dentistry think of whitening teeth and ceramic veneers, however, modern aesthetic dentistry is much more than that and numerous useful methods and procedures have been developed which we use in order to help patients in resolving aesthetic and health problems in the best possible way.

What is a Smile Design?

Today it is possible to plan a future smile in cooperation with the patient, which is known as the SMILE DESIGN. It is an individual approach to creating healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. The advantage of this type of approach is that the patient, before the treatment, can get an idea of the future appearance of their smile with the help of specially made templates (wax-up and mock-up) on models and in digital form (changes in photographs).

Estetska dentalna medicina | Dentalna implantologija i estetika Koran

Procedures for your new smile are:

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Our teeth are not always the colour we want. This can be caused by genetic degenerative, changes in tooth development, effects of antibiotics, trauma, pulp necrosis, fluoridise, coloration due to vitamin and mineral preparations, smoking, poor oral hygiene, aging …

Whitening is a procedure where the natural tooth is whitened, while the filling or crown cannot be whitened. Before the procedure itself, it is necessary to clean the teeth well with ultrasound, sanding, polishing and to replace the old fillings with temporary ones which will be replaced with permanent ones after whitening.

What types of whitening is there?

It is possible to do clinic and house whitening. In most cases we recommend the house method because of its better predictability and cost-efficiency.

They are used for cosmetic correction of incisors (incisors). This method gives very good aesthetic results with the minimal drilling of healthy teeth. They are thin ceramic veneers that are glued to the front wall of the drilled tooth.

Practice has shown best results with veneers IPS Empress

They are used for aesthetic and functional corrections of all teeth. Crowns and bridges are made from caps or bridge bodies which the ceramic is baked on. In this case, it is zircon ZERCONIUM OXID).

It is a material that does not contain metal, and is characterized by its strength and resistance to breakage. It has a small weight, is white in colour and contains many better aesthetic characteristics in regards to metal. It is important to mention the biocompatibility of zircon which enables a perfect fit with (gingival) gums.

With METAL CERAM bridges, with time it can happen that the gums (gingival) recede and that the „gray line“ becomes visible, while with zircon ceramics, that does not happen. It is important that the dentist drills the teeth on the step which enables good fitting of the gums to the neck of the tooth and with that, we have health and beautiful gums. Furthermore, the material is biocompatible, meaning it does not cause allergies. The technology for the creation of this is cad-cam (computer aided design and manufacturing).

They are used when we replace the lost frontal teeth with implants. After the implant merges into the bone, an instalment is placed on it which carries the crown or bridge. It can be from titanium or from zircon.

Balance System
Zirkonium-Oxide anatomical ceramic – Abutments for outstanding esthetic
Zircon crowns are a perfectly prepared instalment according to an individual print, they are white in colour and enable healthy and aesthetically perfect gums. In combination with empress and zircon crown, we get a beautiful and natural appearance of the tooth.

There are frequent cases that the gums hypertrophy and become red and inflamed because of bacterial infections, hormonal disorders and so on. It is very visible in the frontal region so other than medical reasons, there are also aesthetic ones.

Such changes can be repaired with an initial paradontal therapy in combination with laser therapy. In some cases, the excess gums need to be surgically removed which we also resolve with a laser. In that way, we return the natural appearance to the gums.

This is for teeth in the front that are not too affected by a cavity or cracked that a crown or veneer should be done. Then a composite filling is used with the technique of multi-layered shading. The procedure demands great skill and time, but at the end, it gives a high aesthetic effect.

Our patients

“I felt relaxed and safe right from the start. The fear that I felt prior to Dr. Koran, vanished immediately.”

Michael Buratti, Cesena, Italia

“Apart from the fact that I love my new smile, I noticed that Doctor Koran really enjoys his job.”

Bruno Ragazzini, Ravenna, Italia

“I came from London and I am very satisfied with the medical services.”

Debby Roony, London, United Kingdom

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