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Prosthetics, fixed and mobile

Prosthetics, fixed and mobile

We can replace lost teeth with a fixed prosthetic replacement (cannot be removed), a mobile replacement (can be removed) or a combination.

We can replace lost teeth with a fixed prosthetic replacement (cannot be removed), a mobile replacement (can be removed) or a combination.


In the event when the crown of the tooth is significantly damaged or aesthetically inappropriate, we drill it and replace it with an artificial crown.


In the event when one or more teeth are missing, we drill the neighbouring teeth and they serve as a carrier of several crowns connected in a bridge.

What crowns and bridges can we offer you?

Instead of drilled teeth, implants can also serve as a carrier.


This is a full ceramic crown that offers the best aesthetic result thanks to its transparency which is very similar to a natural tooth.

Zircon ceramics:

This is a zircon cap on which the ceramic crown is baked. The zircon is a white bio-inert material enabling great resistance to breakage and gives an excellent aesthetic result.

Metal ceramics:

This is a metal cap on which the ceramic is baked. This type of crown is functionally excellent, but aesthetically slightly inferior in regards to zircon or empress.

When do we implement mobile dentures?

In the event when the loss of the tooth and bones is so significant that a bridge or dental implant cannot be placed, we then use mobile dentures. They can be removed from the mouth and therefore are easy to maintain. They can be:

Total dentures

It is used when there is not even one tooth present in the jaw. Useing it, bone atrophy occurs so after a while it is necessary to remodel it.

Partial dentures

This is done when there are teeth present in the jaw. They are connected to the bridge where the joint attachments are. The joint attachments connect the bridge and the partial (wironti) mobile. That connection is invisible which enables a good aesthetic result. The mobile can be removed and should be maintained.

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