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Parodontosis is a serious health problem that needs to be resolved on time before it causes loss of teeths.

Parodontosis is a serious health problem that needs to be resolved on time before it causes loss of teeths.

What is gingivitis?

Sometimes the gingiva (gums) is red and slightly bleeding. These are the first symptoms of gingivitis (inflamed gingiva). This all begins with the accumulation of dental plaque (build up of bacteria) around the teeth necks but also because of neglecting oral hygiene. Later this plaque mineralizes (hardens) resulting in dental tartar and it cannot be that easily cleaned anymore.

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If this conditions last for a longer period of time the gums will slowly start separating from the tooth causing a so-called periodontal pocket. Once when that pocket develops, much effort is needed to repair it. With the further development of the disease, there is the decay of the periodontal ligaments and the supporting bone.

This is then a serious health situation which can cause a loose tooth. Other than poor oral hygiene, periodontal diseases can also be genetic and there, unfortunately, we cannot have great influence. In order to prevent such events, it is necessary to react on time and seek dental care.

How is periodontitis treated?

The initial therapy includes the removal of dental tartar and other unwanted deposits, polishing the tooth necks and removing bad fillings, crowns, bridges and alike. We often use laser as well. The laser sterilizes the gingival pockets and in that way helps in healing the inflamed tissue. The cooperation of the patient is of crucial importance since if there is a lack of good oral hygiene, the situation will return. Sometimes, initial therapy is not enough. If there was a break-down of periodontal ligaments and supporting bone, sometimes surgical therapy will be necessary (GBR+GTR).

Surgical therapy

This is the instalment of bone replacement products in the area where the bone receded (resorbed). During a period of 6 to 10 months, the bone replacement material allows the creation of new bone and slowly breaks down. We use the bone replacement products GEISTLICH (BIOSS) and proteins which help the regeneration of tissue EMDOGAIN (BIORA). GEISTLICH and BIORA are companies with many years of tradition and are among the most reliable on the market.

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