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Implantology and dental implants

Implantology and dental implants

The greatest development in modern dentistry is precisely dental implantology.

The greatest development in modern dentistry is precisely dental implantology.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant (tooth) is a titanium replacement for a lost tooth root. An abutments is fixed into the implant to which a crown or bridge is then fixed, or a retention element for dentures.

In Dental Studio Koran we use ANKYLOS dental implants which are produced by the German company DENTSPLYIMPLANTS. Ankylos is a product from many years of work, tradition and improvement. It is especially used with aesthetically demanding cases because of the large choice of titanium and zircon instalments.

The most common questions about dental implants

The procedure itself, for installing dental implants, is a small surgical procedure under local aenastetics which is NOT PAINFUL. The procedure lasts depending on the number of installed implants, usually around one hour and is less unpleasant than removing a tooth. After the procedure, the patient can immediately go home with detailed post-surgical instructions.

In most cases we wait 3-6 months for the implant to integrate and then we create the prosthetic part. In some cases immediate load is possible, meaning the immediate placement of the installment and the temporary crown.

The operative procedure of installing dental implants: 7-10 days later the stitches removal, 3 months the print is made, 10 day the fitting test (in some cases), finishing with fixing the prosthetic replacement. It is usually around 7 visits and in some cases it is possible to shorten the therapy and finish sooner. Finished

Dental implants are completely safe. The percentage of bone integration with modern dental implants today is around 95% if the operation is professionally performed and if the patient follows the given instructions.

It is important to know that after losing the root, the bone slowly but surely atrophies. This can happen to the extent that it is impossible to place an implant in that place again. In order to avoid such a situation, an implant is placed 2 to 3 months after the extraction or immediately, along with the placement of an artificial bone and implant at the same time. The presence of an implant in the bone prevents the process of atrophy and the jaw keeps its natural appearance.

With this, other than functionality, there is also aesthetic rehabilitation. Furthermore, if there is a desire to replace the lost tooth with a bridge, it is necessary to drill two neighbouring healthy teeth, which is not desirable. The implant enables the replacement of the lost tooth without drilling neighbouring, healthy teeth.

The warranty of the implant-abatment-crown is 5 years, regarding the life of the implant in the bone the importance of oral hygiene is crucial. Namely, the creation of plaque around the implant stimulates the creation of tartar which in turn can cause to inflamed gums around the implant. Extreme cases can result in the loss of the implant. In order to avoid such situations, the staff of Dental Studio Koran will call you in for an appointment every 6 months.

The instalment of an implant as a replacement for one tooth

The instalment of an implant for several teeth

The instalment of an implant as a replacement for all teeth of the upper or lower toothless jaw

GBR + GTR (Generated bone/tissue regeneration)

The reconstruction of the atrophied supporting gum is possible with the help of bone replacement products, autologous bones or a combination of these. Bone substitute material has the characteristic of osteo-induction, meaning that in it’s place an autologous bone grows while they are slowly broken down. Since the soft tissue (gum) follows the bone, with the regeneration of the bone we will get the desired gum tissue in a particular place, and that allows good aesthetic results.
When the tooth is lost, then there is bone atrophy in that area. The more time that passes, the greater the atrophy. Therefore, when we want to replace a tooth with an implant, it is necessary to replace the gone and the gum that was there initially. That is why we use the GBR and the GTR methods.

The treatment can last from 4 to 12 months, depending on the level of atrophy. In Dental Studio Koran, we use products from the Swiss company GEISTLICH PHARMA, which is one of the leading in the world in the area of tissue regenerating products.

Extraction: after extraction, the empty alveolus is filled with KZM in order to prevent atrophy or to replace the necessary bone.

Implantology: the simultaneous placement of the implant if the bone is missing or first GBR, and then the implant.


Periodontology: due to the bacteria from plaque, there is destruction of the periodont and bone. This tissue can be replaced with a combination of GBR and GTR.

After alveotomy or apicotomy, the lost bone can be replaced with the help of GBR.

Lifting of the bottom of the sinus – sinus lifting. It happens that a many-year loss of molars of the upper jaw lead to such a bone atrophy that it is impossible to replace the molars with implants. This is when GBR is applied, or when we raise the membrane of the bottom of the maxillary sinus and fill that cavity with artificial bone. After 8 to 12 months, we can install implants there.

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It is a combination of dental prosthetics and oral surgery and precisely this enables a completely functional and aesthetic rehabilitation.

It is a combination of dental prosthetics and oral surgery and precisely this enables a completely functional and aesthetic rehabilitation.

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